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A self-starter known as the "GO-TO-GUY" or by several other nicknames such as "The Octopus" for my multitasking abilities, also known as "The Joker" because i could simply cover any off duty teammate position..

My creative personality, the ability to make swift decisions and solving problems quickly, helped me in developing effective management and supervising skills and solving almost any challenge i faced.

Digital Media

Web Design 90%

Digital Marketing 85%

Photography 90%

Social Media 90%

Software skills


Adobe CS




MS Office


3ds Max






Having passed my both SAT 1 and 2 exams perfectly, Freshman was just an easy but necessary step i had to take in my educational timeline.

Just 1 year prior my graduation i realised that printed papers are not what the world needs nowadays. This is when i changed Graphic Design to a minor and enrolled for a BA in CGIM.

Graduating with a BA in CGIM was the right choice at the end. It helped expanding my design skills to 2d / 3d animation and modeling, along with web and video UI/UX. In other words, I just loved it all.

Attending a 2 days workshop where i had to learn all about improving Google AdWords campaigns.


Worked at this firm during my univeristy education. My job was to handle digital and non-digital work along with Web and Video UI/UX.

In reward for my loyalty to this firm, i was promoted to an Art Director where i had to lead a team of 3 designers with everyday tasks.

It all strated as a small idea, ended up to be the number 1 directory in the city, along with offering digital and social media services.

Started and Managed this digital advertisng company when it had 3 employees until it had 12, acheived outstanding results on an international level all withing few months.

23,000 new targeted instagram followers and 45,000 new targeted facebook likes

10 Months | L'Art-Qui-Tecte

18,000 new targeted instagram followers and 25,000 new targeted facebook likes

8 Months | Veer Hotel and Beach Club

36,000 new targeted instagram followers and 15,000 new targeted facebook likes

1 year | Anaba3ref

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Creative Art Direction

Digital and non digital art direction. Profficent with all art direction tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In-design.

Web Design / Development

Great experience in UI/UX, Very Good knowledge in SEO and SEM, Good understanding of HTML, Wordpress and Joomla.

Social Media Director

Plan, lead and execute all social media, SEM, marketing database, email and display advertising campaigns. Expert at using Hootsuite.

Photography & Video Editing

Planning and execution of all aspects of Photography, Photo Editing, Motion Graphics, and Video Editing

Online Marketing

Excellent at planning and implementation of all of marketing strategies (Google Adwords and Facebook). Strong Analytical Skills

Instagram & Facebook

Ability to give excellent results in both paid and organic reach. Strong knowledge in Social Media Advertising platforms and tools.

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Lavalliere Jewellery


Taleb Holding

Lebanon 2040

National Art

Semaan Concept

Beirut Aqua Sports

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My Projects

University Final Project
Brazil Meets Veer - Amazing Sundays
Miss Lebanon Jewellery Project
Escape 1 - Introducing Concept
Daawat TVC - Ramadan Advertisement
Buitoni TVC - Ramadan Advertisement
Anaba3ref - Creative Department Video
Escape 2 - Location & Services
Stop Motion - Univeristy Project
University Magazine


Classified Directory
2013 - PRESENT

Being a fresh student, hungry to learn more about "web design", I initially developed a way of thought that my main aim would be to serve SME clients and setting website deals. However, brainstorming, I got this idea of creating a website based business, known as "online directory" in my home town, Tripoli.

Having a head office, skilled team of six sales representatives, and two manages, we managed to gather 1200 subscriptions in less than three months. This time around we also offered creative and branding services with three designers and a social media advisor that helped add more professionalism to the existing team.

As Instagram was on the rise back then, I decided to use it as a platform to learn more about the power of social media and then decided to take that to a creative arts blog where I achieved first place in art sharing Instagram account across the country with 43,000 followers.

National Art

Advertising Agency
2016 - PRESENT

National art was initially aspired to be an online magazine managed by L'artquitecte, a renowned interior design company in Beirut.They offered me to foretake shares in National Art, which I willingly chose to buy. However, unfortunately the online magazine concept did not reach the potential we had aimed for, which triggered an idea I had in mind.

I decided to take a risk, believe in the concept I had in mind, and head to Beirut. This move seemed to be best achievable by closing the creative department at "Anaba3ref" with its office located in Tripoli, while keeping its Online Directory. This way I was able to be fully committed to help launch "National Art" as an advertising agency.

Creating a team of hard working, creative mind sets, we managed to offer high end, out of the box, captivating campaigns that achieved great results.The success we encountered helped us launch a numerous number of accounts, and our team that had initially started of three people, became a group of twelve members in a short period of eight months only. I along with my team am very proud of the outcome achieved.

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